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Console Commands

Singleplayer - Multiplayer - Both - Interfaces

To use these codes, simply click "t" during a game and type them in and hit "enter".

Jedi KnightMotSDescription
deeznutstrainmeLevels up force rank by 2 each time.
imayodaN/AMakes all the light side powers available.
sithlordN/AMakes all the dark side powers available.
raccoonkingiamagodMakes all force powers available.
yodajammiestrixieRecovers mana corresponding to force rank.
jediwannabe on/offboinga on/offBy typing on(1)/off(0), turns you invincible or not.
bactameN/ARecovers all your shield and health to maximum.
wampratgimmestuffGives you all inventory items. But no batteries.
red5diediedieGives all ammo, weap and batteries to 3 points.
pinotnoir nN/AWarps to level "n".
whiteflag on/offstatuesque on/offDisbales all enemy AI or not.
5858lvrcartographDisplays all map with enemy, item and location.
eriamjhfreebirdIt enables you to fly. Type again to disable.
slowmo on/offgospeedgo on/offMakes everything in game proceed very slowly.
thereisnotrygameoverForces to end the current level.
warp x y z?Warps to the given coordinates from the player.
hyper nquickzap nWarps to given positions in levels. n : integers.

For multiplayer, after pressing "t" once, press "tab" to change to command mode first.

Jedi Knight & MotSDescription
team nChanges to team "n". 1:red, 2:gold, 3:blue, 4:green.
endlevelEnds the current level and moves on to next. Host only.
ping XBy putting player name in X, it gets the latency.
kick/boot XBoots the player name X out of the game. Only host allowed.
tickPrints out the current tick rate.
MotS OnlyDescription
X:YIt will print text X to team Y. Y = R(ed), G(old), B(lue) or N(Green)
X:YIt will print text X to player Y. Y = any part of player name. Prints to all players including the word Y in name.
XIt will play sound file X to others. Can be used as X:Y method.
Z=YCreates message or sound shortcuts. Z = 0 to 9. Y = user message or sound file name. Replace Z in X for the above 3 communications.

Jedi Knight & MotSDescription
framerateKeeps printing the framerate. Type again to stop.
coordsDisplays the current position, PYR and sector of the player.
dispstatsConstantly prints framerate, current item, mana and force power.
versionDisplays Jedi Knight version.
killKills the player instantly (Gives 100 physical damage)
trackshots on/offPrints out surface/sector/mat when a projectile hits any surface.
playersPrints out the position player info set for hyper.

To use these interfaces, do "Run" in "start" in Windows interface.
And type in the path with quotation marks and a space and a hyphen in front of a command.

"c:/program files/LucasArts/Jedi Knight/jk.exe" -framerate

Jedi Knight & MotSDescription
framerateSee framerate above.
dispstatsSee dispstats above.
devmodeLet's you choose any level. Go to Singleplayer to choose.
windowguiDisplays non gaming session in a window.
displayconfigLets you configure advanced display options.
record (MotS only)Records the gaming session and constantly turns them into bmp files.
path XUses gob/goo in directory X under JK/MotS directory.

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