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Lightstaff 1.0 MotS

Lightstaff 1.0 MotS

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Note : I did not make these programs

  • Patch Commander (Download - JKPatch_v40.exe - 1'093KB)

    A very useful and a light program that lets you activate and deactivate custom patches with user friendly interface. I highly suggest you to download this program when playing add-ons.

  • Kicker Helper (Download - JKKH201.zip - 2'410KB)

    This program is useful against players you don't want in your games. You can rename a player and kick him out of the game easily and on top of that, it has a clever function to restore the level/player structure messed up by hackers with a tap of a button.

  • JK Auto Save Converter (Download - jkascnvt.zip - 84KB)

    This was invented for people who only "quicksaves" while playing single player missions. If you lose that quicksave, you'll cry. So here comes this program that converts the auto-saved games into a loadable saved game.

Forum Projects Documents Features Extra Links

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