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Lightstaff 1.0 JK

Lightstaff 1.0 JK

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Enhancement Pack 1.0


Released : 1998 December 10th

The fist is altered to punch with right or left of whose damage are different with primary or secondary shot. The new tertiary fire will make a mix combo of punches to knock down the opponent. No Targetting System allowed. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image0
Sniper Rifle
This sniper rifle is a long barreled accurate weapon. With its strong blast it can kick down most of enemies with a single shot, while the secondary fire will blind and dizzy enemies for an easier kill. The tertiary fire will smack opponents with the sharp part of the weapon. Targetting System will give you auto-aiming ability and auto zoom function on sighting enemies. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image1
Stormtrooer Rifle
This trusty weapon shoots out usual stlasers while the secondary shot are made to stun the opponent, this will make those stormtroopers deadly in crowded areas. The tertiary fire will give out the recorded taunt off from the weapon...for fun... Targetting System will take away the random aiming error. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image2
Thermal Detonator/Grenade Launcher
Thermal Detonators now has its own special weapon. By charging the weapon, it can throw out deadly 3 to 5 detonators at once. But watch out yourself too, in case of boundeds. On top of that, the very special feature upon this weapon is by attaching the Targetting System, the teleporting feature will be enabled. What it does is what it says, you target an enemy and release the button, voila! The grenades warps to its destination by short cutting its way right to the enemy. Most deadly weapon if used correctly. The Grenade Launcher can be obtained through the male pedestrian in the first JK level. Talk to him. Tertiary fire will switch to throw or grenade launcher mode. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image3
While the secondary fire remains the same, the primary fire will launch faster and more deadly single projectile as you charge up and with your tertiary fire mode you can shoot out your saber as a deadly projectile. This will not work unless you have a saber yourself. It will kill almost everyone with a single shot.Targetting System will give you auto zoom function on sighting enemies. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image4
Advanced Imperial Repeater
This rapid firing weapon now has 2 modes of creating projectiles. One will generate a straight but small laser rapidly and the secondary fire, while it looks the same, will generate a projectile to suck on the opponents body to give a pulsing physical damage. It will be really deadly to have number of those lasers sucking your body. The new tertiary fire will use the weapon to smack the enemy with its butt, pretty painfully. Targetting System will give auto-aiming and secondary fire will not split into 3 different directions. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image5
Rail Detonator
This explosive but fairly useful weapon has become more attractive. By attaching the Targetting System, the projectiles will automatically spot opponents and starts to follow around. Very useful against fast moving or dangerous enemies. But watch out when the enemy gets close to you, might as well put yourself inside the explosion. Tertiary fire will do a heavy smacking with the end of your weapon. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image6
Sequencer Charges
This heavy explosives now has an ability to transfer it's spy camera view to the player. By pressing the tertiary key, you will be given the view of where the mine is placed. Wait someone to get close and detonate!... BOOM! No Targetting System allowed for use. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image7
Concussion Rocket Rifle
One of the most useful weapon has been upgraded with missile loading feature. With secondary fire, but with limited stocks, can shoot a missile even stronger than concussion bullets. On top of that, with the Targetting System, it will make the missile auto-seek the enemies in front and tries to follow him. Very deadly. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image8
The enhanced lightsaber can now swing 5 times to forward instead of only 3 times. While the secondary fire remains the same, the new tertiary fire will be able to throw the lightsaber at your opponent. As it sounds like, it is very deadly and will mostly cause a single hit death to the victim. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image9
Force Heal
This simple force can now target and heal whoever in range of yours. The rate of healing has gone down to 75% from the original rate as I thought it recovers too much. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image10
Force Protection
One of the 2 upgrades of this force is now the force will not only protect yourself from various attacks but also recovers your shield gradually as time passes. It is now a much more protective force. The second upgrade is to keep the force not work unless with enough mana to activate. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image11
Force Grip
This deadly darkside force power has become even more powerful! Not only it damages the opponent and chokes him but also transfers the victim's health and mana to your own body meaning it will heal you! May be called Force Drain. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image12
Force Lightning
This poor usable force is now upgraded to shoot 2 force lightning bolts from each hand of yours, so to give double damage to strike down the opponent quicker. Best with saber out protecting while you cast. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image13
Force Brainwash
This new force as it reads will brainwash 1 enemy to your own side and makes him attack his own guys. It will last longer with more Jedi rank, or will stop as the actor dies. Useful in crowded area to reduce the number of opponents. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image14
Force Malfunction
This new force has a very long and fast capturing ability to disable whatever weapon carried by your opponents. After destroying their weapon, their only choice is to run away from you. You will not gain a power-up as you malfunction their weapon. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image15
Targeting System
This is the main idea of this patch, enhancing weapons with an utility to fit almost all weapons carried by Kyle. Each explanations are stated on each paragraph of the weapons. In addition it makes target reticles to everybody in sight of Kyle to spot them clearly. This replaces IR Goggles but still have the night vision effect. It will take up batteries as you keep it turned on. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image16
Drivable ATST
One of the most unique addition to this patch. It will make you drive an ATST. To get in and out of ATST, you must find an ATST in a level and first take out the driver by giving enough damages. Then go close and look up at the cockpit and press the activate key(space). That will put you in the cockpit, the controls are the same but the body is mag-sealed and its weapon is the dual laser cannon. To get out of there, press the tertiary fire key and you're out. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image17
Secondary Fire By Enemies
As Kyle obtains these special weapons, your opponents will also have such weapons armed with them. Watch out for Stormtroopers stunning you, or shooting the sucking laser towards you. Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image18
In this version, you have 2 secrets that awaits you. Those 2 will either give you a special weapon mentioned above or special ammo for use with another weapon. In order to get the secrets do the following move with fists.
  • Grenade Launcher - left, left, right.
  • Missile Stock - right, right, right, left
Enhancement Pack 1.0 Image19

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