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Lightstaff 1.0 MotS

Lightstaff 1.0 MotS

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Enhancement Pack 1.2


Released : 1999 February 4th

Sniper Rifle
The 3do to this weapon has been replaced with a new type of gun. Enhancement Pack 1.2 Image0
Stormtrooper Rifle
The stun shot looks has been upgraded to be honest from the classic trilogy. Instead of firing a single projectile, now it will make a line of circles toward the victim and stuns him. Enhancement Pack 1.2 Image1
This shooting weapon has been enhanced drastically with new features. The primary fire will create a heavily compressed air shot that will almost push anyone unlucky enough to be caught with it to get smashed into the wall for an instant death. While the secondary fire will create a little explosive-like projectile to give damage around the impact of it. Enhancement Pack 1.2 Image2
Imperial Advanced Repeater
The weapon now has new animating texture on the top side of the weapon. Enhancement Pack 1.2 Image3
Rail Detonator & Concussion Rocket Rifle
The auto-seek feature has been drastically enhanced with these 2 weapons for a more real looking method. It will now follow the enemy around without a loss of velocity upon moving toward the enemy. Concussion Rocket Rifle has a new 3do. Enhancement Pack 1.2 Image4
One of the most attractive feature in this patch is the upgraded lightsaber. Now it will no longer be called a lightsaber but a lightstaff! The lightsaber will automatically ignite the other end and will cause damage with both ends if hit correctly. Enhancement Pack 1.2 Image5
Force Brainwash
This unique force has been enhanced so that it will not only brainwash 1 enemy at a time until it wears off but can brainwash as many as you want! It will no longer need to wait but brainwash! brainwash! brainwash! The force will also have a new BM texture for the use. Enhancement Pack 1.2 Image6
Force Malfunction
It's new Bm texture has been added instead of original JK ones. Enhancement Pack 1.2 Image7
Secondary Fire By Enemies
Now even tuskens and imperial commando are armed with the annoying stun shots and with new bowcasters. Watch out for them to stun you constantly to bring you a heavy damage. Enhancement Pack 1.2 Image8
Mini Bomber
This is a very special and new addition to this version 1.2. As you gain this item from a secret person, you will store it in your item list. You have to manually choose it in the item list and press the activate button.(There is no hotkey available) A Mini Tie Bomber will appear in your view and it will start firing and dropping bombs as it sees anyone in sight except the player.

It will keep firing until it kills everyone in its sight or empties its ammo.(The ammo uses power cells) If you want to take it with you again, press the activate button again and release it somewhere else. Very very useful in a crowded area with its bombing attacks and lasers.
Enhancement Pack 1.2 Image9
Targeting System
In this version, all the weapon's auto-aiming ability has been taken away, unless you attach the Targeting System to gain the effect. The color effect is now more like of those night scopes. Enhancement Pack 1.2 Image10
In order to get the Mini Bomber, start a single player level, kill the bartender in the bar, and come back to the first ped waiting at the end of the aisle. So don't kill that ped in the first place. Touch him, and he will give the grenade launcher and the Mini Bomber.

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