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Enhancement Pack 2.1

Enhancement Pack 2.1

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Enhancement Pack 2.1


Released : 1999 September 4th

Blastech Pistol
The weapon 2 has been drastically changed into a half-totally new weapon. The primary projectile will produce an instant bullet for a medium damage. The secondary fire remains the same as the newest feature with the Enhance Device(previously Targeting System) will give you the laser pointer towards its projectile destination. The laser pointer will tell you exactly where the bullet gets to and especially useful in the third person mode. The tertiary fire is now set to zoom in and out for a great sniping experience. The 3do of the weapon is now changed and turned itself into a small gun. Enhancement Pack 2.1 Image0
Thermal Detonator/Grenade Launcher
With the new look of the weapon, the ability is somehow being weakened, not technically but with the fire power, now it will only shoot 1 detonator at once and cannot be charged without an Enhance Device but will cause bigger explosions. The teleporting feature has been taken away in this version for its too much fire power. The sound is also upgraded with the feel of detonators bouncing. Enhancement Pack 2.1 Image1
Advanced Imperial Repeater
This trusty rapid firing weapon has a totally new secondary fire. Instead of firing the pulse damaging lasers, it will now charge itself up once you press the fire button and shoots out a very long laser straight from the gun causing massive damage into the opponent in the line of it. Enhancement Pack 2.1 Image2
Rail Detonator
The famous auto-seeking weapon is now more enhanced with its coding as to follow more persistently with some acrobatic rail charge moves in certain occasions. Plus! There are 2 modes of seekings. One will seek anything moving in front of it, while the other one will let you target the opponent and seek directly to it even it needs a 180deg turn. The superiority to the former mode is that you do not need to target, thus making you possible to shoot out seeking rail charges with a much faster rate. The tertiary fire mode will alter the seeking mode. You need the Enhance Device in order for this feature to work. Target an enemy for the latter mode to work. Enhancement Pack 2.1 Image3
Sequencer Charges
This new heavy explosive has a totally new feature allowing you to set traps upon enemies. Once you place the mine with your primary fire, it will soon launch a translucent laser vertically to make itself a trip wire trap until someone passes by to detonate it. Or you can press the button again to detonate the mine manually. The secondary fire is the same from the previous versions. Tertiary fire and Enhance Device are not available on this one. Enhancement Pack 2.1 Image4
Concussion Rocket Rifle
This weapon has been changed with its tertiary fire mode. The missile will send back you the top head view while it's in the air. By pressing the tertiary mode after you have fired, your view will switch to the missile view, firing again will alter to the new missile's view. The 3do is now back to the original 3do. Enhancement Pack 2.1 Image5
The default lightsaber is the normal lightsaber and by pressing the tertiary you can throw the lightsaber. Secondary fire remains the same though the damage is somewhat randomized. The handle is also upgraded. Enhancement Pack 2.1 Image6
Force Levitation
This new implemented force power will generate an anti-gravity power upon a selected enemy to take them high up in the air for a great view =) No, seriously it will cause a massive damage from a very high fall even to kill them. He can still shoot you while in the air, while you stare at the pity man. Enhancement Pack 2.1 Image7
Enhance Device
The trusty device is somewhat turned into more of a solid one. As it will not give you any viewing effect, but only to give weapons the special abilities. This device will eat up batteries as it is turned on. Enhancement Pack 2.1 Image8
In this version the secrets are somewhat more special than it is in other versions. There are 3 secrets. One will give you the special weapon as it did in other versions, while the second secret will turn you into a special character and you will gain(alter) a new weapon especially used by that character. And for the special third secret, you'll become Darth Maul to fight your way with more advantages given. Enhancement Pack 2.1 Image9
Sith Probe
This will be an ally to you as it did with the Mini Bomber in the last version but with much smarter AI. On player seeing anyone in sight, it will bring up the Sith Probe and shoot opponents and report opponents' statistics to the player. It will use its own rechargeable battery, but being active for a long time will make it sleep down for a while. Enhancement Pack 2.1 Image10
Reveal the Secrets
  1. Grenade Launcher - A special weapon to launch multiple thermal grenades. Replaces the 4th weapon. Charge up to launch 5 grenades at a time, or less according how long you charge. Very powerful weapon.

    Choose fist, do punch move. Right-Right-Left-Right-Left

  2. Full Missile Stock - Since you do not get a missile without picking up the concussion rocket launcher, there is this secret.

    Choose fist, do punch move. Left-Right-Left-Right-Right

  3. Darth Maul - Darth Maul, the Sith will revenge to Dark Jedi using the following secret. Darth Maul will have Lightstaff for the tertiary fire instead of throwing the lightsaber as Kyle does.

    Choose saber, do saber move. Backward swing, standing strike, forward slash, forward slash and big swing (Make sure the forward slashes are the first 2 set of the 3)

  4. Sith Probe -You will obtain this little object once you become Darth Maul. When the player spots an enemy it will automatically carries out its own task.

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