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Sniper Arena


Released : 2000 May 30th

Sniper Arena
A pack that consists of tools especially used for snipers. It includes a zoom scope, silencer and a laser pointer for a great sniping experience and a knife for some hottest close combats. Try to snipe one particular part of the body to give the victim various disadvantages.

This patch supports multiplayer games. The only weapons you can use are fist, Sniper Rifle, Flash Grenades and knife. You start out with fists and a sniper rifle. Every powerups are replaced as one of the items contained in this pack.
Sniper Arena Image0
This tool will silence your shooting sounds, you will still hear a different gun sound, but nobody else will hear you firing, very good for trying a close accurate shot. But watch out, the casings will still make bouncing sounds.

Also as attaching this, it will lose some of your aiming as the weight gets slightly heavier, so don't trust so much on your aiming with this on. You need to pick up an item in order to use it. Replaces rail detonator pickups in levels.
Sniper Arena Image1
Zoom Scope
This scope will enable you to look further away from your current view. Press the zoom button once and hold it to zoom further, let go of the button to keep that magnification.

Press once again and hold to zoom back or only tap the button to directly go back to your view. This function is attached on the sniper rifle by default. This new aiming crosshair isn't accurate as the laser pointer, thus you cannot just trust on it.
Sniper Arena Image2
Laser Pointer
This laser pointer will show you a very accurate path to your bullet's destination. Activate once to create the pointer, but it will gradually suck your battery power, so watch your status.

Use this for a perfect aiming, but watch out when you have your arm shot or the silencer attached, the aiming accuracy goes down. This function is attached on the sniper rifle by default.
Sniper Arena Image3
Flash Grenade
This handy little weapon can temporarily blind anyone who was unlucky enough to be caught by the flash, even yourself. You can only carry this one at a time but very effective to run away once you got spotted by a sniper.

Use this to cover yourself away from them or blind the opponent for easy sniping. If you are turning away from the explosion it will not blind you.
Sniper Arena Image4
More Features
The force parameter in your HUD is replaced as stock gauge of your gun. Once you empty it, you will automatically reload your weapon. 8 rounds per magazine. Also there is a status indicator at the right top corner of your screen which shows what tools are used by your Sniper Rifle.

By using the secondary fire mode, you can bash your opponents to give a fair amount of damage or reflect incoming projectiles. The saber is replaced as a knife, which is much smaller but you still have the ability to reflect projectiles.

As what snipers want to do, by aiming your gun to others' legs or heads (also right arm or left arm in multiplayer), you can slow down the movement of the victim, kill the victim instantly, slows down the fire rate or reduce the amount damage or lowers accuracy of the victims's weapon. (See below) But this can be healed easily as the victim picks up a health pack or by using a bacta tank. The indicator will be shown at the right top corner of your screen.

All the force powers are made unavailable for pure sniper games.
New skins for the snipers are added for multi player games.

If no ammo pickup, silencer, flash grenade or knife is found in levels (ex saber levels), they will randomly replace the existing items once in a while but only one silencer and knife are placed at once. Enjoy in any levels!
Sniper Arena Image5
The Goods

This part shows what the cool features are and what's fun in this pack.

1. Sniping!

Try to snipe at the following parts to give various disadvantages to the victim.
Use the laser pointer for accurate shots. But while your left arm is damaged or you have the silencer on, it will lower your accuracy.

  • Head for an instant kill.
  • Right Arm slows down the fire rate when using Sniper Rifle and Knife, and lowers the damage for Fist.
  • Left Arm lowers accuracy when using Sniper Rifle, and lowers the damage for Knife and Fist.
  • Leg slows down the movement.

Once you have these damages, use bacta tank or pickup the heal box to cure quickly. (The healing bottles do not cure the disadvantages.) Shooting against people above you will more likely to get leg shots than facing them, and to against people who are below you in altitude will more likely to get a head shot from you.

2. Zooming!

As you zoom, your control will get sloppier as the screen turns around fast, to overcome this, use your keyboard to turn slower, or take away the Map directly to axis value in the mouse option, so you can aim more precisely.

3. Watch out!
  • You cannot pick up new rifle clips until you load up the clip to make more room in your gun. (Meaning you cannot pick up ammo while holding 112 to 120 ammo, but after you reload clips holding 112.)
  • When zooming , swinging the weapon with secondary fire mode will cancel the zooming! Because your eyes can't follow your swing on the scope!
  • When you hear a ricochet near you, I think someone is trying to hit you!
  • Half of the powerups (shield, health) and some of the bacta tanks are gone from the single player level, so you'd better keep yourself healthier for longer.
  • Your aiming cross hair is not as accurate as you think when you zoom in, try to rely on the laser pointer for the aiming rather than the cross hair.
  • If you fall from a high position, you will certainly hurt your leg bad.

4. Tactics!
  • When you're out of ammo, try to swing your weapon rather than switching to fist and running, if you're lucky you can reflect the incoming bullets!
  • When you run out of clips in the magazine during a fight, do not try to reload, rather go near and bash them and finish them off before they shoot you another projectile or reflect their projectile and finish them off by swinging the Sniper Rifle.
  • Choose the sniper.

The effects may result differently depending on computer power.

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