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Lightstaff 2.0 MotS

Lightstaff 2.0 MotS

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Technical Note

To run the patch...

To install and run add-on patches, the best option is to get Patch Commander from Massassi Temple's programs section.
In order to use this utility please refer to documents included along with the program.

The other option is to use the "path" interface within JK/MotS.

To do so, simply create a directory named "patch" (no quote) under JK/MotS installed directory. Then place the "gob/goo" file that you wish to use into the folder. (Do not try to place more than 2 patches at the same time.)

There are various ways to execute the command but the easiest way is to go to "Run" from the "Start" button of Windows.

In there, refer the file "jk.exe/jkm.exe" and add the next line after placing a space.

-path patch

The directory name can be anything as long as it's synchronized with the path command line.

example: "c:/program files/lucasarts/Jedi Knight/jk.exe" -path patch

To assign new hotkeys...
  1. To assign a new key, go to setup in the options (press esc during game play to access the option screen).

    Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2

  2. Then press control in the screen that appears. And press keyboard.

    Screenshot 3, Screenshot 4

  3. When the next screen appears, keep pressing the down arrow until you see the name for the new name. Press Add and follow the instruction.

    Screenshot 5, Screenshot 6

  4. When the key is assigned, keep pressing ok until you get back to your screen.
Other Notes

In multiplayer games, everyone else you will play with must have the only and the same patch activated with no extra files/folders  in resource folder. Otherwise you or your clients cannot join the game.

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