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GetSenderRef() & GetSourceRef()


This page will show what GetSenderRef() and GetSoureRef() will refer to in each message situations.

MessagesGetSenderRef() getsGetSourceRef() gets
(de)activated (weapon)
What got activated
Which fire mode (0.primary, 1.secondary)
Who activated it
Who (de)activated
arrivedWhat arrivedN/A
autoselectMode passed from AutoSelectWeaponWho autoselected
blockedWhat got blocked-1
createdWhat got createdN/A
crossedWhich surface got crossedWhat crossed the surface
damagedWhat damagedWhat got damaged
entered & exitedWhich sector got entered/exitedWhat entered/exited sectors
fireWhich fire modeWho fired
joinWho joinedN/A
killedWho got killed (Item taken as well)What killed (projectile etc)
leaveWho leftN/A
newplayerN/AWho respawned
pulseThing param with SetThingPulseN/A
removedWhat got removedN/A
respawnWhat got respawnedN/A
(de)selectedN/AWho (de)selected
sightedWho spottedWhat got spotted
skillWho received the messageN/A
splashWhat entered water0 for exiting,1 for entering
takenWhat got takenWho took
touchedWhat touchedWhat got touched
triggerWhich cog sent2nd param of SendTrigger
user0 - user7Which cog sentN/A

Forum Projects Documents Features Extra Links

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