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About this site

Millennium was established in 1999 July 22nd as a Jedi Knight game editing site.

I was lucky enough to become the first hosted site at Massassi Temple as I have been known to the community a little bit by releasing several weapon modifications.

Soon the site grew up to have cog resources as I learnt about cogs and about other editing fields.

And it keeps on going...


Born : Japan

Live in : Japan

Nationality : Japanese

Occupation : College Student

Sex : Male

Lived in : Melbourne Australia for 3 years

Favorites : Tennis, creating homepages, editing games

Meeting the Jedi Knight

I first met a computer game back in 1992 in Australia, the game DOOM.
I played it a lot.

After playing several games through the years in Australia I bought Dark Forces (being a Star Wars fan). That looked really fun and played it for quite a while.

In 1995, I came back to Japan and a few years later I found there was a sequal to Dark Forces, Jedi Knight. I quickly grabbed it and started playing in singleplayer mode. In a bit of time, I found I could play the game over the internet, which was my first experience to play games on the internet. I played singleplayer and multiplayer quite a lot.

At MSN Zone, I found a link to some Jedi Knight sites including the Code-Alliance. I just surfed those sites and soon found that there was a way to modify the game.

I downloaded several utilities and started from making levels, but expectedly, they were all scrapped 10% done, all looking crappy. I moved on to modifications area which I downloaded a lot of mods and played for my own enjoyments. Soon after that I felt like mixing up the mods I liked into 1 mod, so I could enjoy more! When I did that and I started opening up cogs in order to check that there were no conflicts in mixing up the cogs from various mods. And that was the start of my cogging history.

After I enjoyed my own mixed mod, I felt like adding my own stuff, soon grew to be the first Enhancement Pack release, which I removed almost all the mods' features I downloaded, or wrote the script myself from the mods' idea.

It took about half a year to get the first pack ready for the release, and I had some good reviews and feedbacks, so I just kept on going to release more versions of it.

After I released the 2nd version (ver 1.2), Massassi Temple started having hosted sites, so I thought it was cool to have a site to track down my project and maybe whip up a few tutorials and help a few people who ask me some cog questions. So I applied, and thankfully I became the first Massassi hosted site.

I was pretty much a newbie in making web pages at that time, so I used FrontPage to create my pages, and there were lots of troubles in charactor encodings, frame trouble and problems that a newbie page has got. But as time went, I kept upgrading my sites with better technology out there and now it sits with server side script. I even once managed to create a search engine on a client side script, but that had a really messy code, though it was working well.

I have been inside the Jedi Knight community, since 1999. It really gave me a lot of skills. My programming skill REALLY grew due to the shit butt load of time I spent in programming my Enhancement Pack series and other mods including Sniper Arena. As well as the web technique I used to make Millennium is quite a great skill to obtain nowadays. All thanks to LEC and the members of this community who always give me motivations to whip up something cool to create. Cheers. :)

Forum Projects Documents Features Extra Links

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